Friday, March 18, 2011

Cindy Crawford

 Cindy Crawford Pictures

In 1990, I had my first sexual experience when George Michael released the greatest music video ever “Freedom“. It starred Cindy Crawford and a few other top models of the time. Sure I was alone, but in my perverted little head, I was in the bathtub with Cindy, scrubbing her down, making sure that every nook and cranny wasn’t left untouched. Now maybe that doesn’t qualify as being a real sexual first experience but it sure beats clumsy sex in my mom’s station wagon, so I’m sticking with it! Anyway, here’s Cindy sunbathing topless on a yacht in St. Tropez and as you can see, she still looks amazing. Glad to see that she’s keeping that MILF body of hers in shape!

 Cindy Crawford Pictures  Cindy Crawford Pictures

I remember being in grade six drooling over my desk while looking at Cindy Crawford pics. Not much has changed because I’m looking at her new pics and I ‘m now drooling on my laptop. Man, they don’t make woman like they used to. I’m glad to see her back in action and want to thank Maxim for doing something right with their mag. I haven’t picked one up in a while because their covers bored me, but now that Cindy is on, I’m going to buy a subscription.

Ever wondered how to score a model like Cindy Crawford? Well, make sure you’re very wealthy, very handsome and psychotic enough to jump off huge boats into shark infested waters. OK, I’m not sure if the water is shark infested but if it were I bet Cindy’s husband would be the first in there. One could only hope.

Cindy Crawford Pictures Cindy Crawford Pictures

I dont know many 38 year old women but if more looked like Cindy Crawford, you wouldn’t need fertility drugs because I’d be one busy man.

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